About Us

We are Dennis, Sarah, India, and Nina. We are a mixed race travel family. Dennis is from Canada, but he has also lived in a few other places, such as Melbourne (Australia), Barcelona (Spain), Shanghai (China), Hong Kong (China), Mexico, for a certain period of time. Sarah was born and raised in Hong Kong. Dennis and Sarah met in Hong Kong in 2014, and meanwhile, we were helping out the build of a craft beer micro brewery locally. We have known each other for years before starting a relationship. In 2016, Sarah decided to make a change of her boring 9 to 5 , quit her job and started travelling with Dennis while he worked online.

Sarah flied to Canada end of summer in 2016 to meet Dennis’s parents officially which marked the start of our love travel budget road trip. Dennis drove his favourite 84 Volkswagen Blue Van all the way from Canada, through the USA, to Mexico and all around the Yucatan, Mexico. We had India while we were in Mexico, probably because of too much tequila.

India was born in Hong Kong in 2017. and shortly after, we flied her with us to Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, the USA, Canada, and back to Hong Kong to wait for the arrival of her younger sister, Nina.

In 2019, we are in Turkey to build our floating home – AURA #57 aluminium off-grid sailboat. We would like to live on a budget, enjoy our quality family time, and be able to show the world to our beautiful girls. We would like you to join our journey from boatbuilding to sailing around the world.

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