Let’s begin our trip along the Mayan route and our first stop is at Palenque, Chiapas, which is the second best finest and well preserved Mayan ruin in the world.

Palenque Accommodation

Villas Kin Ha: It cost us around 1,000 pesos per night and it is located near to the ruin. This is a very good hotel away from the city in the jungle with two swimming pools, private parking, air-conditioners, King size bed, and restaurant. Finally, there was a modern, westernized, cozy hotel for a rest. The night we stayed there were heavy rains and it was quite romantic to us to listen to the raindrops yet it would be a bit disturbing for sleep. Everything has its goods and bads but in general, I love it there.

You could stay at the hotels in the city, which is quite a local place and not very nice. The city is around 20 minutes drive to the ruins.

Outdoor area of the villa’s restaurant

Things to do in Palenque

Mayan Ruins: To me, this is the second best Mayan ruins that we have seen and the first goes to Uxmal in Yucatan. The ruins of Palenque are comparatively more sophisticated than Teotihuacan pyramids in terms of the preservation. The height of the ruins are moderate in Palenque and therefore it would be easier for you to hike up and oversee the whole area from the top. You will find it amazing by the way the Mayan building their temples or inhabitants in the rainforest against the slope of the mountains. You could only unveil the mask by the constant removal of weeds given its rapid growth. A kind reminder is that the entry and the exit are around 15 – 20 minutes upward/downward walk apart so you might take it into consideration where you are going to park your car.

The sun in Mexico was really toxic. I was burning hot walking around. Dennis successfully captured my true cranky look even though I was astonished by the magnificent ruins itself at the same time

Temples here are well preserved

You could still see the print on the building

This is a close-up of the print and I could not think of any reason not paying a visit here

We waited for around 15 minutes for that perfect spot. My smile came up with a camera on.

I was chickening out because it was quite steep without any safety measures. I was taking it real slow while Dennis was at the end waiting for a turtle.

Ruins in the jungle. The temperature was really moderate or a bit chill under the shadow or roof. Mayans did know what they were doing.

There was a little pool or waterfall the way towards the exit i.e. the museum. Great spot. Be careful of the current if you want to “swim” there.

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