India and Nina in Limeni

Around the point and up we go. 22-Jun-2022. It was a fun and sunny sail. We left with Anthem and Pasafique and raced to Limeni.

030 Kagio to Limeni  GPX

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Minimum elevation: No data
Maximum elevation: No data
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Elevation loss: No data
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There is always something to do on a day with the sails up. This time it started with funny laughs while trying on different sunglasses. India and Nina were 4 and 3 years old at this time.

We arrived late afternoon. We had a couple of hiccups with motor batteries so we sailed to the end of the bay where friends were waiting and anchored by sail. It was a bit stressful given it was not the perfect situation but all did a fantastic job landing safely. It was off to sleep to rest for the adventure tomorrow.

Since we had been on the boat for a couple days, it was time to head to shore and do some exploring in a near by town. We arranged a nice hire car and headed up the hill to Areopoli. After all, Areopoli means the “city of Ares” the ancient greek God of war. How could you not want to see that!

Beaches are priority #1 for our travels but a close second is ICE CREAM! It was the end of June in Greece and the temperatures away from the breeze of the ocean could get a bit on the hot side in the afternoon. Out of the car and off to the first ice cream shop we could find.

Given the empty streets, we figured the heat kept the locals in their homes sleeping. We were creative in our way to get cooled off. Of course, kids and adults can cool off in different ways;)

As quick as the day began, it had come to an end. All the steps in reverse to get back to INDININI, dinner and off to sleep to see what tomorrow will bring.

The next morning while sitting drinking a coffee, India starts jumping up and down in excitement. Turtle. I am not sure who was more excited…India for finding the turtle, or me for the excitement India was experiencing. This is such an incredible way for kids to learn. After the event we got to sit and talk about turtles, different kinds, where they live, what they eat, how they swim, how they breathe and the discussions around this topic went on for days!

We did our makeup(haha), got ready and dinghied over to the little town of Limeni on the entrance to the bay.

This was certainly a local tourist stop. Not just for foreigners but local Greeks as well. This is a place where the few pictures that we took don’t do it justice. There was a small beach with kids playing, the parents were laying around, the water was warm, and after our pizza lunch it was hard to leave.

Under most circumstances, it can be difficult to get kids away from the beach, but this time we had a secret weapon…doughnuts waiting on INDININI.

India plans the day. It was great to ask her what she wanted to do and she came up with the plan. We drove by a restaurant the day before and saw a pool. Both the girls pointed it out and it obviously it stuck in their mind because that was the plan, so off we went.

We stayed here at anchor for close to a week. It is always where we fix the watermaker pump. More on that in another post.