We were off again…first stop the 3rd finger. 27-Jun-2022. We were well rested after the long stay in Limeni and ready for a great day sail out into the water once again.

032 Limeni to Cape Akritas  GPX

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We started with some laughs thanks to India the entertainer. The wind was blowing the right way so all we had to do is set the sail and off we went. It was a bit slow sailing in the late afternoon as we reached the 3rd finger. There is a small island just off Cape Akritas and since the sun was setting we decided to anchor for the night. We had a bite to eat and enjoyed the sunset as we had done so many nights before. The sunsets are definitely better anchored with only 1 other boat beside you!

Keeping true to our beach exploration mandate, we set off right after breakfast and headed for the mainland. There were a couple of bay options that looked sandy on the map. There was very little wind so we motored and found a great spot at Tsapi beach.

It didn’t take too long to get anchored and dinghy into shore. I had a bit of internet catchup to do, so I plopped down at the first (and only) restaurant on the beach and opened the laptop. India, Nina and Karin enjoyed a bit of sand until it was time for lunch. Nina must have done some serious playing and built up an appetite because what we saw at lunch was an eating expedition of entertainment.

We only stayed one night at Tsapi beach even though it was so fantastic. We headed a little farther north to Finikounta beach. It has a small town so after we anchored it was time to search for ice cream!

Ice cream eaten, and more time on the beach, it was back to INDININI for sunset and sleep. We had already decided to leave the next morning, wind permitting because Pasafique and Anthem were in Methoni being tourists.

It doesn’t take much with the rolling of the boat to fall fast asleep. India and Nina always had fun in the cockpit whether it was building a fort, sleeping or in this case practicing Spanish!

Another calming sunset to enjoy, followed by a morning of flat water.

We didn’t stick around Methoni. Phil and Adrian and their partners had been there the day before and said it was mostly historic talking about the local battles. As fun as it would have been for the adults to see and explore, it didn’t have the beaches we needed in order to hold to our mandate;) We heard about the wonders of Pilos and decided to race with Pasafique and Anthem up the coast.