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Our Journey, Sailing Greece

Sifnos to Milos

June 2022. Milos here we come. Leaving Sifnos was an easy departure. Big bay on the south of the island. There was a little offshore wind in the morning and we lifted the anchor and set sails. Off we went….

Our Journey, Sailing Greece

Ikaria to Donousa

May 28 2022 After a nice sail and lots of funny faces in the cockpit, we found ourselves in a big remote bay on the island of Donousa. With the sun out, anchor down, and the girls ready with their…

Our Journey, Sailing Greece

Monemvisia to Elafonisos

We didn’t know it yet, but we were in for a surprise. 19-June-2022. Adventures are adventures for a reason, you never know what’s around the corner, in this case around the point. Sailing provides the ability to go where you want,…

Dad India Nina smiles in Monemvisia
Sailing Greece

Milos to Monemvisia

June 14, 2022. Our earliest day yet to get a head start…it was going to be full! It was our longest journey yet and we wanted to do it during the day. With the voice of Phil and Lesley, our…

Our Journey, Sailing Greece

Paros to Sifnos

June 6, 2022 We make our way to the next Greek Island of Sifnos. The adventure west continues with the excitement of the unknown. What will we see? Who will we meet? And of course, the question asked by India…

India Nina Dennis Karin Nea Daniel
Our Journey, Sailing Greece

Donusa to Naousa

May 29, 2022 Out of sheer excitement for our next destination…Paros Island, it was an early breakfast and a gentle exit from our Danousa bay. The wind was on and off for most of the morning, but it gradually pushed…

India Nina Daddy underwater
Hong Kong

HK Swimming

Month 1 India learned to tread water, Nina would not put her head under water. Month 2 India swimming across the pool, Nina was jumping in with wings. Month 3 India was diving to the bottom for rings and Nina said “I’m SWIMMING!”

Sailing Greece

Chios to Ikaria

May 23 2022 Wind is coming…ready…set…SAIL! We were getting ready for our longest sail yet. HAHA not very far but longest for us and we could see the island destination. So off we went. No idea what Ikaria held for…

India, Nina and Karin on South Chios beach
Our Journey, Sailing Greece

Inousses to Chios

May 2022. Well here is something we didn’t do very often…sail back the same direction we came. Inousses was north of Chios town and we sailed north for a couple of reasons. After the long period being tied up on…

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