Here are our blogs on how we built our home on water - a pure electric environmentally friendly sailboat

Hi to everyone.
We are Dennis, Sarah, India, and Nina,

We are here to share with you our boatbuilding journey as well as our little family world-traveling journals.


See the world
through our lens now

It will amaze you.

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INDININI Sail training

Competent crew curriculum

This is the curriculum we are using to train our crew to be competent enough to sail around the world with us or by themselves. We know that is very useful to know clearly the skills and knowledge we need…

India and Nina painting eggs

Art sessions for Easter in Chios

While whole Chios was about to celebrate Easter, the girls and Karin (our crew member) were reviving a tradition left many miles away in Karin´s home country: México. Her mother invented a way of celebrating Easter and adapting the European…


CAGLAR Yatmistake

After 6 months in the yard with Dennis working on the boat alone, it was time to take some action. Whether it was good action or bad action, it was action nonetheless. Through a Facebook group we found a person…

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