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Mexican Taco
Eat, Mexico

Authentic Traditional Mexican Tacos

Authentic Traditional Mexican Tacos Dennis is in love with Mexico as well as Authentic Traditional Mexican tacos, and the main diet of Mexicans are tacos. For the few months, I have lived here, my diet changes completely from rice to Mexican...
Canada, Play

Banff National Park, Canada

Today Road Trip Itinerary: Moraine Lake Lake Louise Fairmont Hot spring Bye glacier! The cold of the glacier is penetrating into the van, and I feel like naked. I touch the crystal clear river water, and it is freezing cold....

Jasper National Park Day 2, Canada

Today Road Trip Itinerary: The Columbia Icefield Horseshoe Lake Maligne Lake Jasper Downtown Whistler Campground A good morning waking up somewhere near the glacier is way too cool as well as cold. Because of no shower the day before, I...
Canada, Play

Jasper National Park Day 1, Canada

Today Road Trip Itinerary : Red Deer Jasper National Park Parker Ridge Trail Saskatchewan Glacier Wilcox Creek Campground It takes us around 3 hours to drive from Red Deer to Jasper National Park. I feel cold even inside the van....

First Road Trip

We haven’t seen each other for months so I miss him badly. The only thing on my mind is to see him and I never really pay too much attention on what we are going to do. 3 days after…


Flying to Canada

After my university graduation, I worked full-time in the past 5 years and went to a few places for a few days vocations and I based mainly in Hong Kong, physically move around within 200 squares feet orienting from my bed and my...
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