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Our Journey, Sailing

Chios to Inousses

After almost 6 weeks on the town quay in Chios, it was time to make a change. As sailors know, the wind and weather sometimes dictate where you can easily go. We wanted to move, we wanted a change so…


Power RPM Speed

***NOTE: This page will be a work in progress. It took many months to find the time and piece all the necessary components together in order to get these 3 variables plotted together on a chart. The only one missing…


A Super Toilet

It didn’t start a super toilet, but now with welded base and super macerating pump…it is amazing! In choosing a head for INDININI one of the major deciding factors was to have an electric push button for the girls on…

Hyper9 Electric motor for INDININI
Building INDININI, Sailing

An Electric EV motor for #INDININI

Propulsion for INDININI involves the saildrive, electric motor, motor controller, battery management system (BMS), batteries, 110/220v charger, solar charge controller and solar panels. Saildrive – ZF sd12 Motor – Netgain Hyper9 Controller – SME X1 included with motor…

INDININI Side shot in Danousa
Building INDININI, Sailing

INDININI 18m Aluminium Sailboat

INDININI is an 18m Aluminium Sailboat designed by Marc Lombard. Built in Turkey with welders from the Yildiz Yard. Electric motor & 17tons. Modern, lightweight, performance hull GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Freshwater capacity 2x@300 l  Fuel tanks 1x@600 l (holds 38kw LifePo4…

India and Nina painting eggs
Sailing Greece

Art sessions for Easter in Chios

While whole Chios was about to celebrate Easter, the girls and Karin (our crew member) were reviving a tradition left many miles away in Karin´s home country: México. Her mother invented a way of celebrating Easter and adapting the European…

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